Selection from “Brave New Worlds” – John J. Adams (II)

GenevieveValentineIS THIS YOUR DAY TO JOIN THE REVOLUTION? – by Genevieve Valentine

„Our next tale is the story of a new kind of propaganda, filled with a message so large it has changed the living fabric of a nation. But is the message true?
In this grim new world, there’s no way to know. And even if it’s not, who’s brave enough to ask?” (pag.58)

*”Above her, the film was ending, the Department actor grinning through the last frames of twinkling music. «What do you know that we should know?»”(pag.66)

HeatherLindsleyJUST DO IT by Heather Lindsley

And our next tale turns a scathing eye upon it. Lindsley says «it’s about desire and how easy that is to manipulate. But I’ll go a bit further and say I was also thinking about the ongoing conflict between doing the right thing and doing the comfortable, pleasurable thing. It’s about having a compelling excuse to take the easier, ethically questionable path. To just do it and blame somebody else’s chemical.»”(pag.67)

ARTIES AREN’T STUPID by Jeremiah Tolbert

JeremiahTolbert„Our next story is the story of artists who do suffer when circumstances keep them from creating art. They suffer real pain—because they are genetically engineered constructs whose bodies are specially designed to make art. These “arties” aren’t alone in their specialization. There are “brainiacs” whose bodies are atrophied beneath massive brains, and “thicknecks” and “skinnybois,” too. Each group has their own skills, their own weaknesses, their own st range places in a strange world.
In such a regimented society, it’s not surprising that even a temporary mural needs to be licensed. But when their latest art experiment is rejected, the crew of artists have to find a new kind of creativity, an art so big it will transcend the boundaries between every specialty.” (pag.81)

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